One Week (ish) in Bogota

Our time in Bogota, much like Cartagena was split over two different visits and we got to spend just over a week in this city. We came for four days and had to fit in our errands before heading off to our volunteering in Villa de Leyva and then having to come back and finish off the errands.

Our first visit in Bogota was incredibly basic and formed by three separate events:

Day 1: I got a tattoo

Day 2: I got my Kindle pick pocketed & we booked doctors appointments for our New Zealand visas.

Day 3: I got super sick and couldn’t leave the hostel for fear of no bathrooms.

However, I weirdly really loved Bogota. It was so much cooler than Cartagena, in the evening you have to be wearing a coat and sleeping in three blankets. I loved it. This meant we could always walk around the city and we got to explore for miles.

We stayed at the Hostel Dream/Vibra Hostel as it was the cheapest. It’s facilities were great, hot showers, plenty of blanket and lovely cat. However, our roommates were not fantastic. Not the hostels fault, but man, they inspired this post that I wrote when I was flaming off a lack of sleep.

We had to book a Doctors appointment because we need to get a medical done to apply for our New Zealand working holiday visa, which is our goal after this trip.  This took the whole day as it was miles away and this was where I lost my Kindle. A real bummer because I know it was only taken due to it resembling an iPad. Funnily,, the screen is completely scratched, covered in stickers and truly must be worth less than $10. It was my own fault as I always carry it in a bag off my shoulder and I  knew it could be stolen but didn’t think it would. I will say I felt really weird after I noticed though, I felt imposed on and this sort of violation. That someone had touched my stuff and taken what is mine. It is a weird feeling.

We found an amazing vegetarian restaurant called Nativo Arte y Comida Natural Restaurante which had really great, healthy and totally vegan menu. The burger was amazing and came with slightly fried boiled potatoes which were a nice change from fries. One night we tried the pesto pasta which was amazing and probably my favourite thing we had there. On our second visit we found Restaurant Sesamo which had a great menu; burgers with tofu, falafel and they had their own brand of vegan cheese and meats which was super exciting and most importantly; delicious.

After our volunteering we then came back, We had to go to that docotors appointment we made and I wanted to explore the city properly, the day I was sick was the day we had allocated to do the walking tour, museums, etc. So this was my time to shine in the city of Bogota.

Visit 2.

Day 1: Walking tour & tattoos and piercings.

Day 2: Doctors appointment

Day 3: Bus tickets not used as we had to stay another day to finish off Doctors appointment.

The first day we came back was allocated for the walking graffiti tour. We both really wanted to learn a little about the city and as we had planned on only staying for two days wanted to fit it in as soon as possible. The tour was great and showed us all the amazing pieces of art in the city, it also taught us a huge amount of politics about Colombia and why there is so much graffiti/ street art.

We then spent the afternoon getting piercings and tattoos at the shop La Casita Roots where they had incredible prices for both. They had a deal of four piercings for $50,000 COL and two tattoos for $80,000 COL, which is an incredible price and we couldn’t turn it down. I only wanted a couple of simple designs so I knew I could trust the artist and he did a great job with my ideas. I would recommend this place 100%.

The day of the doctors appointment came with a few stresses’. After getting all signed up we were told we a. didn’t have enough money to pay and b. had to stay in Bogota for another day to get a follow up appointment, something that we hadn’t been told about previously and we had already booked tickets to Medellin. So we made the decision to miss our bus and finish our doctor stuff so we could apply for our New Zealand visa and come back the following day with more money.

Another day in Bogota not quite going to plan and it meant spending another day in the city not doing too much. I think because we didn’t feel like being here is stopped us from going out and doing anything as we just wanted to leave. Bogota definitely has some charm to it; but it wasn’t a place I wanted to stay and hang out for too long as there wasn’t all too much going on.

The next morning we got on the early bus to Medellin and resumed backpacking. We were even lucky enough that the women recognised us when we bought the tickets and transferred them over so we didn’t have to buy new ones. Something I never thought would happen was eternally grateful as it saved us about 50$ USD!.  After three weeks of volunteering and then the time in Bogota it really felt like we had taken a break from travelling and moving around so much so we were ready to start moving again.

Thank you for reading this blog post! Our time in Bogota was a little strange but we had a good time here and found some amazing cheap food, our favourite past time! If you feel like reading more posts about the countries we backpack; look at my behind the scenes series: Guatemala and Nicaragua

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