life update:

Of course things have changed.
Everything has changed for everyone.
For the good and the bad.

My backpacking trip has been cut short,  this is my bad.

But my good is great;

  • I am staying with family in Toronto
  • I got to fly safely and easily out of Colombia
  • I got to travel for six months without worry
  • I am alive and well and my family is happy and healthy.

So, I have about four more blog posts about my backpacking trip and then the rest will be up to date with where I am in life right now.

To be back in Canada is the most surreal feeling.

Once we got picked up in the airport and were being driven back, the sound of Quincy’s mum’s voice in my ears, it didn’t feel real. In less than a week everything had changed. This post is nothing more than a life update, I will write about everything we went through these last few weeks and as to how we arrived here.

I am currently on my fourteen day isolation after travelling so I am hoping to be creating a lot; videos, blog posts and all my less public creations too.

Thanks for reading this obscure, almost pointless post. My mind feels a little fluffed right now. My next posts will have much more depth.


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