one day in Tatacoa Desert

Getting to the desert was a mission and we only stayed for one full day. Life makes me pick crazy choices. We came from Salento so the journey went like this:

  • Salento to Armenia: 1 hour, COL $5,000 (colectivo)
  • Armenia to Neiva: 7 hours, COL $60,000 (bus)
  • Neiva to Villavieja: 1 hour, COL $6,000 (colectivo)
  • Villavieja to Tatacoa: 10 mins, COL $20,000 (tuk tuk)

A very long journey that took all day. We arrived in the dark and decided to stay at Sol de Verano Doña Lilia as the girl we were sharing the tuk tuk with had a reservation there. The prices were not too cheap; COL $30,000 per person for a private room or COL $25,000 for a dorm room. The facilities were pretty basic here; obviously no Wifi but the people were were very friendly and we had a good time here.

Our time was spent as a mini holiday. The break from Wifi was amazing and we spent the afternoon of our day longing by the pool at Hostal Noches de Saturno, enjoying the heat and break from the outside world.

We of course, walked to the red desert which is very close to the hostels and we walked for about an hour away from everything, seeing more grey desert. Bumping into dogs, no people and even say a sign made out of rocks saying ‘Te quieres, casar conmigo’ which translates to ‘Will you marry me?’ So cute.


The desert was insanely beautiful, it reminded me of the Grand Canyon and I was truly happy that we made the very long trip to see it.

We got to spend a bit of time living in ignorant bliss, but I will talk about that in my next post.

Thank you so much for reading! I loved the desert so much and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a different side to Colombia. My previous posts are about Salentoand Medellin

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