how I survived the fourteen days of quarantine, Corona Ed. 3

Quarantine is hard, like, really really hard. I wasn’t prepared for what I was not able to do and how it would make me feel. But the first step, was trying to Beyond Meat meatball Subway which was INCREDIBLE.

how i spent 14 days in quarantine

After our whole was trip cancelled I was pretty down about life, and because of this I found myself with displaced anger and upset, but that wasn’t shown right away. The first few days I took at ease. I found activities to fill my time and was enjoying the first few days of being able to relax and do what I want. I downloaded the app Bunz which is one of my favourite apps. I use it to find secondhand products that people no longer want or use.

My first search was to find a kindle after mine got stolen in Colombia. I found one for $60 which was kindly delivered to my doorstep, I re uploaded all the books that I had and since arriving in Canada I have been reading all the Harry Potter books. My next mission was to find clothes. I was in no way prepared for the Canadian weather so I put up a message on Bunz asking for clothes donations.  I got a message from a lovely lady who dropped me off two huge bags of clothes, leading to me know having a whole new wardrobe.

Here is a short summary of the activities I filled my time with:

  • I managed to recreate my entire sleep schedule, I now go to bed around 2am and wake up around 11am. So that is something.
  • I started cooking a lot and also getting cooked for, everyone got really creative with cooking so we got to eat some great food.
  • I exercise about once a week, a terrible effort, I know.
  • Continuing to learn Spanish, my trip may be over but I will not lose the Spanish too!
  • Started learning BSL.
  • Reading

how i spent 14 days in quarantine

  • We watched a movie pretty much every night.
  • I downloaded and triggered my younger self’s addiction to Sims.
  • Edited my March Monthly Video.
  • Playing with the animals
  • I also used Bunz to get a bunch of cross stitch designs dropped; I managed to finish two in time time whilst simultaneously watching the second season of You.
  • I started drinking coffee and taught myself how to make GF & vegan brownies.
  • And I also took an obscene amount of mirror selfies, which I promise, is weird for me. Clearly I have been feeling myself during these times.

Towards the end of our quarantine I started to feel just really down about everything; as mentioned above, I started to feel that misplaced anger and upset. I blamed Canada and not wanting to be here, wanting to be in England. But now as I right this weeks later, I was just so frustrated at the situation. It felt really well, isolating. And I was even with my husband and mother in law, so luckier than most. But not being able to go out get things you actually NEED is hard, and I am used to going out just because I want to, most of us are, so it was a lot harder than I thought at first.

Right now, I feel a lot more adjusted. Quarantine is over, however, I am still self isolating with a trip to grocery store every two weeks. I’m happy to be doing what I do in the meantime; writing, reading, cross stitching, learning languages and eating. These are the little things that brighten my day and I am actually really enjoying my time in isolation. I am happy to be here, surrounded by my family, pets and a good community. I’ve used this time to learn about things I never would have before; I’ve managed to build on myself in many different ways. And that makes me happy.

Thank you so much for reading this post! My quarantine was definitely a mental challenge but after dealing with it as best I could I do feel a lot stronger and have managed to learn to live in our new normal. Feel free to check out my other posts where I talk about how we got back to Canada and our final days in Colombia in the town, Popayan

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