twenty twenty one

This year has been an interesting year, for everyone. I know for many people It has been a difficult time and I hope that everyone ends the year with new happiness for the new year.

So let us reflect on my 2020. It was a great year and I am very grateful for everything that I got to experience this year.

I started the year celebrating new years in Nicaragua. We were in the middle of our trip through Central and South America, and we were having an incredible time.

From here we travelled through Costa Rica and Panama, only spending a week in each country we got to see a few of these countries highlights. We got to see the Panama Canal and the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

We then flew to Colombia where little did we know this would be the last country on our trip. We volunteered for three weeks in Villa de Leyva teaching English, visited lots of different cities and I spent my birthday in a small mountain town called Minca.

It was during our time in Popoyan that we had to decide what to do, whether to leave Colombia and go home. It was a tough choice because it was so early on in the pandemic we felt like leaving seemed to be an overreaction. But we decided to leave and go back to Canada, it took us 3 days since flights were hard to find however, we made it home.

We got to spend a few months living in Toronto through the Spring and Summer, it was mid lockdown do not much was happening. However, we were living with Quincy’s mum so we got to spend a lot of time together, we ate amazing food, ordered lots of pizza and watched a whole lot of movies. Pandemic aside; a great few months.

We then flew to England where we lived for six months. I worked at our local Domino’s since it had been a while since we had worked due to travelling and our time in Toronto was not a good time to be applying for work. We got to see all my family, and (safely) got to see a lot of my Grandparents which I was incredibly grateful for. Spending a large amount of time with my family hasn’t been possible since I started travelling so this year was the first time I got to see everyone regularly.

We also celebrated my brother’s birthday, my husbands, my Gran’s, Grandad’s and Grandma’s. It was a summer on celebration which was exciting. We took small day trips to local towns and went to Liverpool for a day. We went golfing, to pubs, walked the dogs, ate awesome food, went on picnics and I even got to go to A&E for spraining my thumb. We took on the ration challenge and raised £650 pounds for charity to help refugees seeking aid. We did so much in such a small amount of time and I really loved out time in England.

After England we then took a shirt trip to Sweden to see some very close friends of ours before heading to Vancouver. We have been living in Vancouver for the last two months, working on my PR application and trying to settle down to a slower paced life.

So, now let’s reflect on last years new years resolutions.


  • Finish my Central America trip seeing; Costa Rica and Panama
  • Get to South America and see; Colombia.
  • Volunteer in Colombia
  • Visit home through the month of June and July, being home for my brothers birthday.
  • Clean out my junk that I still have at home
  • Do not let myself become broke.
  • Read 20 books (I read 42!!)
  • Keep making monthly YouTube Videos (Semi achieved, I stopped towards the end of the year due to not travelling)
  • Continue writing creatively; blog and journal.
  • Take my health more seriously; find and research vegan supplements.
  • Stay calm and learn that not everything has to be said
  • Work on my communications skills, don’t be the ‘I don’t mind’ person.
  • Continue learning Spanish

Not Achieved

  • Get to South America and see; Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
  • Move to New Zealand to work
  • End the new year in New Zealand, with Quincy, working a job I enjoy.
  • Take one day a week with no Wifi.

All in all I had an incredible year. I reached so many of my goals and the ones I couldn’t achieve were somewhat out of my control, apart from giving up wifi.. that is hard!

Okay, 2021. Let’s talk about what I want to see happen this year. A little les travelling for sure but..

  1. Get my drivers license
  2. Receive my work permit
  3. Work on saying sorry first/more
  4. Continue with regular exercise (twice a week at least)
  5. Keep working on Spanish (don’t give up just because you are not travelling)
  6. Listen to one new album a week
  7. Listen to one podcast a week
  8. Think of new topics to write on blog; do not blame lack of travelling for lack of writing.
  9. Change limit to all social medias – 30 mins max!
  10. Call family once a week

And those are my new years goals. I really love having not only goals but visions and things I want to see happen. New years does not have to be just about changing yourself, personal growth happens whenever we feel ready or motivated. For me, the new year is a perfect time to envision what you want to happen and make plans and motions to bring it into action.

I am incredibly excited for this new year, and I really am grateful for 2020. No matter which way things go, life is going to be great.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I really loved writing it and manifesting my new year. For those who notice I have was formerly known as globallygrace.wordpress.ocm and I have now purchased my own domain; wanderingflowers.com. I am proud of myself for eventually taking this step; to own my name and to move away from the four year old decision I made to name my blog, a title I felt no longer related to me. I look forward to the new year and wish everyone the best!

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