Welcome to Globally Grace.

a weekend in the city: Melbourne


My name is Grace (obviously) and I am a solo traveler.

I lived in stormy England and now spend most of my time chasing the sun. I spent two months in Spain and then came to Australia where I plan to spend the next year on a working visa, leaving November 2017. Where will I go next? I have no idea. Ideas: south islands, new zealand, asia, usa?

This blog will be dedicated to everything that I do; the places that I visit, my experiences in countries, things that I love and am passionate about such as veganism, yoga, activism. Let’s just say there will be a little bit of everything.

Writing is a huge passion of mine but I am by no means perfect, sometimes I have so much to say I forgot that commas, do exist.

There will be posts every Wednesday and Sunday and I shall be sharing many different things including tasty recipes, travelling hacks, experiences, TMI talks and much more!

You can connect with me:

Email: globally.grace@gmail.com
Instagram: globally.grace
Snapchat: grace_lloyd1


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