Welcome to Globally Grace.


My name is grace flowers and here are some things you might like to know about me and this blog post;

I am from England and left in September 2016 where I went to;

Spain –> Australia –> Indonesia –> Nepal –> India –> England –> Amsterdam –> Canada –> USA –> Mexico –> Guatemala –> El Salvador –> Nicaragua –> Costa Rica –> Panama –> Colombia –> CANADA (who knew)

I am 25 and married to the greatest person I have ever met.

I love (almond) chocolate milk, eating and reading.

I hate hiking and cold water.

My favourite colour is yellow and I have approximately 25 tattoos.

I will post about travel, veganism and anything else that takes my fancy.

I run a youtube page which you can follow for monthly updates.

I am currently back in Canada, the country that my husband is from as our plans have changed dramatically. Do I know what my travel plans are now? Hell no. But that is okay. One week at a time for now. 

Expect to hear from me around once a week. oh and expect a lot of typos.


email: gsl.zek@gmail.com
instagram: gracey.flowers

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