five tips for staying in a hostel

hello and welcome to today’s blog post where I am going to give you a few tips on how to stay in a hostel. Hostels are tricky because generally, you are surrounded by strangers. You are either comfortable or uncomfortable about this. I am a pretty shy person so I suck in a hostel environment but I try really hard and if someone talks to me I’ll make the extra effort to get a conversation going.

If you are traveling, hostels are a nice cheap way to skip from place to place. Below are a few tips on how to make the most out of a hostel.

Tip #1 Don’t be an arsehole 

This is a pretty important tip because you are sharing space with other people. You want to make friends, or maybe not friends, but you don’t want enemies. Try and be considerate about others. There is nothing worse than being woken up every hour by people storming loudly in and out of the bedroom. Most people are in hostels with the intention to make friends but if you don’t want to, or suck at conversation (like me) then just be polite. People aren’t expecting much from you other than not being an arsehole.

Tip #2 Ear plugs and eye mask

These two things can change your two hours sleep to a good eight. It’s rare that everyone in your room will go to sleep at the same time so ear plugs and eye mask means you can sleep in pretty much any situation. We recently stayed in a hostel where our roommates were great but the traffic outside was loud so ear plugs made a huge difference.

Tip #3 Don’t expect much from the showers

Of all the hostels I have stayed in, there has only been one shower that has been amazing. The rest have been awful. There is either no hot water, the temperature never stays the same or the shower head is broken.

Tip #4 Remember, you get what you pay for

I generally do my hostel searching at hostel word and the reviews are always pretty ruthless. If you pay 8 euros for a hostel, don’t expect a five star hotel. I like to go the cheapest hostel in the area and expect the worst, as long as I can sleep that is all I am really bothered about. This could also explain why I have had poor shower experiences.

Tip #5 Don’t be a food thief 

Luckily, this is yet to happen to me. But I’ve had friends who’s food has been taken. Sure mistakes can be made as there is sometimes a free food section in hostels but as a rule of thumb; if you aren’t sure don’t eat it. There is nothing worse than paying for food and then not even getting a chance to eat it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and it helps you if you ever have to stay in a hostel. I am writing this from Perth, as we eventually made it to Australia! This hostel is also the one with the best shower I was talking about. My previous blog post was about my trip to Tabernas, in Spain.

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