a weekend in the city: Melbourne

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend in the beautiful city of Melbourne and I had the best time. Not only did I get to spend my time with a friend who I hadn’t seen in YEARS but I also got to see some pretty amazing things. I have been wanting to go to Melbourne for a while as I had heard such good stuff about it and knew I would like it, the art, culture and food. But everyday I was blown away by how much of a good time I had.

I arrived on Sunday, getting the train from a town called Ballan. I am currently living near Ballan which is about an hour out of Melbourne. I arrived at about half ten and spent the next thirty minutes trying to figure out how to get to Flinders Street. I always get lost and overwhelmed in cities, especially ones where I have no sense of direction. I managed to find myself the right train and met up with my friend at Federation Square.

We got the tram to Victoria Markets and spent most the morning walking around. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, however it was your standard market. Stalls of items to buy and lots of food. I love walking around markets and picked myself up a little bracelet and a wallet for Adam.

We then started to take a walk around the city as my friend had done a walking tour so knew some good spots. We first went to Koko Black which was a great little chocolate cafe. We both ordered some dessert and I had the Flourless Orange cake which was so tasty and I would highly recommend this place. The only downside is the lack of dairy-free options and with it being high quality chocolate, most of the dark chocolate is vegan.

a weekend in the city Melbourne

We then began to do a tour of the graffiti alleys. The first one we found was down a small alleyway full of small shops selling food and clothes. I was blown away by how amazing this piece of graffiti was (below) and I am glad it was the first one I saw. The colours also came up amazing on camera and I have no idea why this is. The next day I went back to show Adam and someone had drawn on top of it and I was so gutted but it definitely shows how temporary it is.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (2)

The alleyway that this piece of graffiti was on also had a doughnut shop that sold.. vegan doughnuts. During my time in Melbourne I tried two of the vegan doughnuts; Fairy Godmother which was a standard cream cheese and sprinkles and the Liam Hemsworthy which was a red velvet, cookie cream and chocolate doughnut which was by far my favourite. The shop was called Doughnut Time and I believe they have a few other shops around Australia. If you every get the chance to have one of these doughnuts i could not recommend them enough!

a weekend in the city Melbourne (13)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (12)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (19)

After we refuelled on doughnuts we continues our hunt for graffiti. Instead of me writing about it, I am just going to add some amazing pictures.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (3)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (4)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (5)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (6)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (7)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (8)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (9)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (14)

We went to two veggie restaurants. One was Lentil as Anything which is a pay what you feel charity, all the people working there volunteer and your money is going to a good place. The food is beyond delicious with all of the options also being vegan, including a dessert. The second restaurant we went to was Om Vegetarian which was an all you can eat but in the style that they plated up your food and if you wanted more you went up and they gave you a different selection. The food was Indian and again, so beautifully cooked. Melbourne is a haven of good food and any food lover needs to take some time exploring the food in Melbourne.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (15)

Whilst in the city we also took some time to see the botanical gardens which were huge and very beautiful. Again, I will add pictures instead of talking about them.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (10)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (24)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (11)

We also spent 2-3 hours in the National Gallery of Victoria which is a free art exhibition. It was great being able to walk around and look at everything for no fee. There was a special Van Gogh exhibition but you did have to pay to get into that one so we didn’t get to see any of his work.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (20)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (21)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (22)

Our hostel was in St Kilda which was a 15 minute tram ride from the city. The time that we spent in St Kilda was lovely. It felt like I was on a seaside holiday. Streets full of cafes and huge cake selections. There were some great shops that we got to have a look in and buy some books. The weather was freezing however, we had a little stroll of the beach and got to admire the views.

a weekend in the city Melbourne (16)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (17)

a weekend in the city Melbourne (18)

And that was just about everything that I managed to squeeze into three days. I had such a great time and can’t wait to go back and see what else I can discover. The food may have been my favourite part alongside getting to see all the graffiti. My favourite area was probably Fitzroy, I love walking up and down the main street as it full of some really amazing shops. My least favourite part is probably when it hits 5 o’clock and the city becomes a huge buzz of people. It is pretty insane the amount of people that are around at that time of day.

And top marks if you noticed this blog post is a name of an album by.. 

.. but without the ‘K’.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you are in the area  I would 100% recommend taking a few days in Melbourne to enjoy the beauty of the city. You should hit me up and I’ll come grab another doughnut! My previous blog post was how to set daily goals and a minimal skincare routine.

stay kind  

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