Minimal Skincare Routine

My skin and I have been battling for years. I don’t have the worst skin but I certainly do not have the best. I always have little spots coming up and my cheeks are covered in surface spots/spot scars that take a lot of time to heal and leave.

So as you can guess I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what works for me. Back at home I tried all the products available. I spent my teenage years clutching a Clearasil bottle (would not recommend, this product is far too harsh on skin) and then branched out to face mask, face scrubs, daily face wash, moisturizer, spot cream, oils. Honestly, there isn’t much  I haven’t tried.

Since I have been backpacking I have been trying to lessen my load because a heavy backpack is not fun. This meant my ‘beauty’ products took a back seat, i.e. I got rid of them. I don’t want to be lugging around huge pots of magic cream that in fact, lack in some magic. So, I tried the super minimal approach of using nothing.

And this actually worked, kind of. Especially because I wasn’t wearing makeup. I didn’t out anything on my face so it just got on with what it had to do. However, occasionally I would wear makeup and this did send my skin into over drive. Giving up makeup, for the most part, has pretty much changed my life. But more on that in a future blog post.

*I was going to insert before and after pictures here but self consciousness got the better of me, so just imagine my skin being a little bit okay*

After still being unhappy with my skin and starting to feel a little self-conscious I decided to try out some new things. The first thing I wanted to purchase was a face wash. I went into Woolworths and picked up this face wash. I absolutely love that Australia has so much choice on vegan/plant based products and they aren’t over priced. This face wash was $5 which I thought was so reasonable especially considering how long it would last me.

Minimal Skincare Routine

I use this once a day, in the evening. I wash my face with cold water in the morning because I don’t want to overpower my face with face washes, however, this is a great product and I don’t worry about the harsh chemicals on my skin. Here are some god points about it:

  • Plant based formula
  • Vegan & cruetly free
  • No mineral oil
  • No SLS
  • No SLES
  • No parabens
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • 98% naturall sourced
  • 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottle

I love this product. You only need to pump a little onto your fingers and it goes such a long way. There is not real strong smell, barely one at all which I really love because it makes it feel so much more natural as there is no added super strong and sickly fragrance.

I was passed on a moisturiser by a friend and I absolutely love it. It is this moisturiser and it is pretty thick so some people may not like it too much on the face. I was a little concerned at first and thought it might make my skin go crazy, however, this didn’t happen at all. My belief is because it isn’t full of harsh chemicals but I’m not scientist.

Minimal Skincare Routine (2)

Here is a list of what makes this product so good:

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • No SLS
  • No Sulphate
  • No propylene glycol
  • No mineral oils
  • No EDTA
  • No SLES
  • No Parabens
  • No artifical coulour
  • No harsh detergent

I only use this product once a day and dab a few little spots of it over my face and then rub, focusing around my eyes and nose. I love how this product smells and feels, there is a nice coconut smell coming from it. I imagine it would also be good all over the body as well.

For my final part of my skincare routine it is my holy grail and something I have been using for a long time. This is Sudocrem. I’ve owned this Sudocrem long before I came travelling and always kept hold of it because it is good for anything; rashes, burns, bites. Although this product is far from natural it is actually vegan which is a great sign and I am very happy about it.

And there we have it. My very simple and basic skin care routine. I am really happy with it, especially because its quick, easy and cheap. The only thing I would like to improve on is making it zero waste, so any tips on that would be great. In the mean time why not check out my blog post about travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne and finding work in Australia.

stay kind  

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