A Day in the Life// Woofing Vegan

Today I thought I would do a day in the life post showing what my days can look like. Everyday is so different but I am currently doing a Workaway (like woofing) where you live and work for someone in exchange for food and board. I love this set up as you really get to know people and the area around you as well as saving money in the process. Today is a day where we had plans to go out and do something, although other days can be very simple and I may not even leave the house especially as the weather is cooling down.

Wake Up

I have started to set an alarm every morning for 8 o’clock because I am really not a morning person but I hate sleeping through the mornings. So, I wake up around and 8. Somedays I get straight up, other days I lounge in bed. This morning I drank my first bottle of water whilst going through my phone deleting duplicate photos as the night before I downloaded an app that was doing a huge scan looking for multiple photos. I got out of bed about half 8 and then went straight out to feed the lambs.

Feed Lambs

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (2)

These is a new thing for me. The people we are staying with have just got two lambs. One is really tame and loves coming for the bottle but the other hates the bottle and we normally have to catch him, show him the bottle and then he takes it. However, this morning was his first morning when he came over on his own and took the bottle all on his own. I was really proud and happy because it means he isn’t so scared of me and I feel like he is starting to trust me. I love getting validation from animals.


A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan

I then got myself breakfast which was very simply three weetabix with water and sugar. I’ve taken to having water on my cereal because soy milk seems to give me a bit of an upset stomach and we were out of almond milk. I also kept drinking my first bottle of water and I try and finish that with my breakfast.

Get Ready

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (7)

Then was getting ready which is pretty simple and straightforward. Brush teeth, wash face with water and put a little sudocrem on my spots. You can read my minimal skincare routine here. I then got dresses which today was an odd outfit of a floral dress, woolly jumper and hat because I am running out of clothes, that is how I know laundry day is near.


A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (4)

I then put a load of clothes in the washer and whilst they were going I did some blog writing, including this one and my monthly favourites. I’ve got to pump lots of blog posts out as next month there is a potential that I may not be able to blog regularly so I want to have at least one scheduled a week. I recently downloaded Spotify so I got to listen to some music whilst doing it. I am in love with Amy Shark and love so many of her songs, I really recommend giving her a listen if you haven’t already. I also checked out Harry Styles album but *sorry* I did not like it, super boring and not interesting. I’ve missed listening to new music- so I’d love any recommendations in the comments.

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (5)

Second bottle of water.

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (6)

After I went to clear out the car because we are looking to sell it (if you’re interested) so I need to thin out anything that I cannot carry in my rucksack. I have so many books that I haven’t read yet which is such a shame as I am going to have to give them to charity. Books are always my weak spots!  I pretty much worked all morning between bloging, sorting out my stuff and helping out around the house.

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (8)

For lunch I had some left over pasta I made the day before which was a pasta sauce with sweetcorn, spinach, mushrooms and chickpeas. I also had two slices of toast because I was super hungry! After lunch we gave the lambs another bottle fed and then got in the car and went to a place called Daylesford.

We walked around Jubilee lake and Wombat Springs which were both beautiful. I’ll put pictures below. We then walked through the town which was really quaint and I loved the autumn feel that was around that day. We also popped our heads into some charity shops to see if we could find any steals. We love charity shops and have picked up some great bargains from them, including new winter jackets for us both!

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (14)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (15)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (16)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (17)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (18)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (19)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (20)

When we got back I gave the lambs another bottle fed and then did my Spanish lesson. I have been using the app Duolingo which I do really love however, I do find that sometimes it isn’t clear enough and I wish I could ask someone questions (I tend to message my Grandma but that doesn’t seem too fair!). I normally go for a run and do some yoga however, it was getting late so didn’t feel like I could fit it all in. I then did a little bit of reading, I am currently reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith which is a really great book.

For tea out host made us a homemade fish and chip meal. I got chips, pineapple and tomato which was really tasty. Sorry about the real low quality picture.

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (21)

A Day in the Life Backpacking Vegan (22)

Fourth (and final) bottle of water.

Then we spent the evening watching Australian Masterchef which is on most of the week and I love watching it with everyone in the evening. It is one of those home traditions that I miss.

And that is an average day in my life. Sometimes it is just nice days out and living in the comfort of other peoples homes. I am going to try and do different versions of these such as when flying or in hostels. My previous blog was my (late) April favourites and the secret to how I afford to travel.

stay kind  ✿

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