What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

Hello, and welcome to my second what I eat in day. This one has a little bit of a twist and that means that it is an honest look at my daily eating habits. Not every day is like this one but when I am working they can be similar. Definitely not healthy, and I know that this day I should have eaten more but some days you feel like eating lots and other days you don’t. And sometimes, being surrounded by the smell of food all day does not make me want to eat/cook food when I get home.

Wake Up – 8:30am

I get up, drink lots of water because I always wake up feeling groggy and dehydrated. Afterwards, if I have internet I scroll through social medias whilst oil pulling for twenty minutes and then I do a yoga session from 20-40 minutes. I then shower, get dressed and then I eat. I used to love eating first thing in the morning but with oil pulling and yoga I like to do them on an empty stomach.

Breakfast – 10:15am

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

Breakfast has been weird for me the past few days as I have struggled to find breakfast food that I like. I have been eating weetabix most mornings but recently I have gotten so sick of it. So today, I had two pieces of toast and jam. I also had a handful of sunflower seeds as I love sunflower seeds so much. I made a cake last night so had to have some for breakfast, not my most healthiest decision, but alas.

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

Lunch – 1.30pm

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

I get to work at 11 and never really fancy food until I get hungry. Today I ate before feeling hungry so got full pretty quick. But I had 4 onions rings, a potato cake and some potato wedges. I very rarely have fried food at work but today I fancied some so here we go. ALSO, how funny is it that the mayonnaise at work is vegan. Just by coincidence, the mayo is soy. Finding this out made me a very happy person.

Snack – 4.00pm

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

Okay, take a deep breath. This bread is not vegan. I know, I’m a terrible person (just kidding, I’m not, you’re a terrible person for agreeing). I wrote about this in a previous blog post but just to cover ground, at work I eat foods that have non vegan things in them such as milk powder. Why? To make my life easier and cheaper. Some people may not understand my logic but I believe veganism to be the best way to eat for my body and my planet and this is how I eat 99% of the time. The other 1% I will happily admit, I am not perfect. It also really bugs me that they put milk powder in the bread at work like WHY, WHY RUIN THE BREAD. It makes me mad because it doesn’t do anything. Anyway, I had this just before I left work at five in hope that I wouldn’t have to eat tea. I would normally have this with a salad but I wasn’t really hungry.

Snack- 4.30pm

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

I have some left over chips. When we cook chips and they are more than a portion I sometimes have the left overs. This also stops waste as otherwise they would just get binned. I’m not the biggest fan of chips but I had chilli sauce and mayo on them and they were SO good.

Snack- 7:00pm

What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

I had more cake. I microwaved this slice and it tasted so good. I really wish I had some kind of vegan cream/ice cream because that would’ve been a dream. But still, it was tasty.

Snack- 8:00pm

More cake. Okay, so today was not the healthiest day but I am a pretty lazy cook so if I have premade things in that I don’t have to cook I will eat those over cooking something far more healthy.

So, I guess that is what a financially unstable, vegan backpacker eats in a day.

Thank you for reading this blog post. This is my second what I eat in a day, the first you can find here. I hope you enjoyed it. We all have days where we eat the weirdest things and don’t have structured meals. Today was definitely one of those days. Tomorrow I am working two jobs so I’ll probably eating equally as bad but twice as more! My previous blog post was about meditation and mindfulness, I loved writing this post and you can check it out here.

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5 replies to “What I Eat In A Day As A Financially Unstable, Vegan Backpacker

  1. Haha nice! Im same. Whenever I find myself in a financially difficult situation, ie, abroad, Im always expecting to be living off fruit and rice, but instead I’m munching down cakes and junk, I’m like ‘howd this happen?’ lol

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