one week in Panama

Another week, another country.

What a life.

We came through Panama only stopping at David and Panama City. The main reason for this is that we booked our flight from Panama. We made this decision because flights out of Nicaragua are incredibly expensive and flights out of Panama are incredibly cheap. Meaning that it was cheaper to bus from Nicaragua to Panama and fly out of there. Obviously it wasn’t actually cheaper as we had to pay for the two weeks backpacking but it was totally worth it. We got a glimpse into two countries and as I sit here, writing this ready to leave Panama I am in love with our Central America trip.


Now, there is not too much to report here. We had to stay at two hostels again due to them being booked out; Hostel La Libertad and PaCasa Hostel. The first hostel was right out of town and by the Port, there was a real lack of anything around us but we found some amazing chow mien, although not too cheap. When we arrived all the other rooms were booked so we ended up staying in a massive room that was literally like a small apartment- with two bedrooms and it’s own bathroom. Not to mention- it had AC!

The second hostel was much more in the center of David so we got to walk around see some of the town, something we spend all our time doing. This hostel was also booked up apart from one bed when we arrived, luckily the women was very kind and let us have the bed and then also the hammock outside.

What we actually did in David? We walked around, ate food, got drinks in AC restaurants and learnt Spanish. We both love exploring random towns even when they seem like they do not have much to offer, it makes things move at a slower pace.

I also ended up dropping my phone on the last night here which caused the screen to smash and it rendered itself unusable, which was very sad.

Panama City

We arrived in Panama City from David nice and easily, getting dropped off at a main bus stop and then having to take the Subway to our hostel, Zebulo Hostel. I really liked this hostel and spent my time staying in the tent there instead of a dorm which I loved a lot. We were here for five days and I managed to build a little routine which I love doing, something I crave a lot whilst travelling, as a routine is generally lacking when you’re a backpacker.

One our first day we took the Subway to ‘cinco de mayo’ and walked to the old town. An incredibly interesting area with grand colonial buildings which then diverged off into poorer areas. Whist walking around we found super cheap and tasty rice and beans in one of the cafeteria style restaurants. We also walked up the shopping strip, both of us picking up things we needed for a really great price.

We took a day trip to the Panama Canal which was really interesting and fun. For some reason I was expecting the Amsterdam canals and it definitely wasn’t as pretty, however, it was super awesome. It was around 20$ to go to the Miraflores which had a museum, viewing platform and a couple of restaurants.  The museum was really interesting and it was great to walk around and read all about the history of the canal. We then got to watch them let two passenger boats through and a massive cargo ship, I am pretty certain I have never seen a boat that big. I was so blown away by it all. I also love watching anything to do with boats because it reminds me a lot of my Grandad as he is a huge boat lover.

On the same day we stopped by one of the malls and I picked myself up a new phone which was incredibly exciting. I knew I would have to buy one sooner or later so thought I may as well buy one in Panama where everything is a little cheaper so I now have a really great phone with a great camera!

From Panama we then had to fly to Colombia! We have both been looking forward to getting to South America so it was a big day in our travel plans. We foolishly arrived at the airport with no exit fees from Colombia, so other than that terrible mistake it all went swimmingly and I am now writing this in Minca, Colombia. To catch up on my previous blog post you can read one week in costa rica or  check out my youtube channel where I make monthly videos!

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