Colombia to Canada: Corona Virus, Ed. 2

In my previous post I spoke about us making the decision to leave Colombia and come back home to Canada; a decision that took us a very long time to reach and one of our biggest worries was the airports themselves.

We had been keeping up with the news and for the last few days Bogota airport was manic, there were hundreds of people trying to leave and get home, many flights getting cancelled and then the new flights added were at an incredibly high price. We were originally looking at flying to England but flights kept getting cancelled and booking one at the time was $2,000!!

This was a big worry for us. We did not want to book a flight and then have it cancelled and lose our money so we wanted to go to an airport first to speak to someone for advice. We got a bus from Popayan to Cali, thinking this would be a better bet. Most of the flights were getting cancelled at Bogota and it allowed us to avoid the mayhem. When we arrived at this airport there was barely anyone around. We managed to get advice on what countries we could travel through and flights that were possible for us to take.

colombia to canada

We managed to book four flights:

  • Cali –> Panama City
  • Panama City –> Mexico City
  • Mexico City –> Vancouver
  • Vancouver –> Toronto

However, the first flight to Panama wasn’t for another two days. This meant that we got to spend a few days in Cali. We found the Hostel Villa Bosco which was close to the airport; it wasn’t cheap but getting a taxi to and from the city center was super expensive. There was also a pool and we wanted to be able to enjoy our last few days in the sun.

We spent our two days lounging around the pool, eating cookies, drinking and playing with the little puppy. It was so surreal in the moment to believe these were my last few days in Colombia, I didn’t take the beautiful weather paired with the cold showers for granted. It was a great final few moments.

We then got our first two flights nice and easily to Panama and then Mexico City were we had decided to book a hostel beforehand that had an airport shuttle. We were arriving at 1am and then our flight wasn’t until the next day at 5am. We booked Hostel Green Guest where the owner was incredibly good to us. He let us stay the whole following day and even drove us to the airport for our flight out of Mexico.

Our 30 hours in Mexico were great, we got some well needed sleep, went to an incredible Mexican restaurant, got groceries for our flight, went back to the hostal and had a few drinks with the hostel owner and then went out again for our final quesadillas. I am so grateful for all the extra time we managed to get into the end of our trip whilst waiting for all of it come through.

We then had our, again, very easy flights from Panama City to Vancover and then to Toronto. There is absolutely nothing to report on those.

And that was our story of how we decided to leave Colombia one day and arrived in Canada six days later. We were so lucky that none of our flights got cancelled and we had an incredibly smooth run whilst leaving Colombia.

I also have my March Monthly Vlog where I filmed the whole process and also has some beautiful footage of Tatacoa Desert and Salento!

Thank you for reading this blog post! It still feels surreal to be writing it all down but I have been documenting my life for as long as I can remember and these days are definitely worth writing about. My previous blog posts were about finding out about the virus and our time in Tatacoa Desert. 

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