5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

The other day I was wrapped up in YouTube world and started watching videos on zero waste lifestyles and not using products that contain plastic. This got me really thinking. At work I probably go through 4 plastic bottles each shift. If I work five days a week that is 20 plastic bottles I have used. Plastic is so terrible for the planet, thousands of them float around in the sea (or more correctly, sink to the bottom) polluting the earth.

That is when I decided that I’ve done enough. No more plastic bottles EVER for me. I went out and purchased myself a reusable water bottle WITH a filter because the water in Australia stinks of chlorine and I could do without putting that into my body. And now, I have no excuse to use water bottles. I can drink tap water wherever I go and not being able to buy fizzy drinks is definitely a good thing.

Have you ever thought about transitioning to a life that creates less waste? If so, come and do it with me! Here are 5 simple and easy tips to help reduce my waste production.

  1. Plastic Water Bottle

5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic wasteAs spoke about above I invested $13 on a reusable plastic bottle to allow me to drink as much as I want with producing as little waste as possible. I did contemplate on buying glass but I am far to clumsy and I really wanted one with a filter.You can also get stainless steal canisters, if you are happy to drink water straight from the tap I would recommend one that isn’t plastic as it should last you forever.

2. Cutlery

5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

I actually got this idea form a video I watched by Rogue Gone Vogue and it is something that I never thought of before. Carrying a set of cutlery around with you means that you never have to use plastic ones. Where I work we give out plastic forks and I used to use them to eat my food, now I use my own trusty fork which I always have in my backpack.

3. Shopping Bag

5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

This is an obvious one and every single person should be carrying around reusable bags with them. I got this fold away one from Primark a long while ago and I always carry it on my. It is pretty big so I can always rely on it. Keeping reusable bags on you is so important, keep them in your bag or in your car. Always have them around for the inevitable surprise shopping trip.

  1. Coffee Cup

I do not drink coffee and cannot stand the taste of it. I am yet to understand the love. I drink tea sometimes, but again I’m not really a fan. However, if you are a coffee/tea lover and are always grabbing cups on the go then purchase your own coffee cup! There are so many of these on sale and a lot of coffee shops give you discount for using your own cup. If you have one cup of coffee a day- think how many cups you would be saving!

  1. Buying Drinks Out?

5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

I quickly realised that if I wasn’t buying drinks in plastic bottles it meant that I could never treat myself to a fizzy drink. I don’t drink fizzy drinks often but for road trips and long journeys I definitely like to indulge. So I came up with a balance. Anything in glass bottles I could buy as they are easily recyclable. Living eco friendly, isn’t about stopping doing everything you love but finding a great balance.

These are all small changes but after a few days of doing these you will notice how much of a difference you are actually making, and you feel a bit like a hero. Which is always a nice feeling.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and find ways to incorporate these tips and tricks into your life. Do you have any other easy tips to help transition to a zero waste lifestyle? \My previous blog was about all these diets that humans have created which you can find here 

4 replies to “5 small and easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

  1. These are good tips! I find the reusable bottle so easy to do and yet a lot of people still buy them. Makes me so upset. But I’m glad there are a lot more water fountains nowadays to refill our water bottles. Also carrying a reusable bag is so easy to do!


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